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Masjid Data Collection

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Works Offline

Unless you want to be up-to-date with the latest you don't need to be connected to the Internet for Azan Clock to work. You can disable WiFi or switch to airplane mode after initial setup.

Free updates & support

135.000 customers cant be wrong.
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Remote Management

After you set it up on a device of your choice you can manage it remotely using your smartphone or computer.


Azan Clock is a super flexible Tool with a modern display that shows iqamath countdown after azan is called..

  • Select Multiple Themes.
  • Enable or disable azan sound.
  • Easy Installation.

Online Digital Notice Board for Masjid

Masjid Online Digital Board is a Online Tv Tool with a modern display that makes it incredibly easy to show announcements, Masjid Details, Jummah Schedule & many by simply via Masjid Admin.

  • Previous and present board of members.
  • Automated Islamic Calendar.
  • Dozens of Announcements.
  • Able to add events and projects.

  • Free Iqamath Countdown Software will be provided.

Website For Masjid

You'll get a pre-designed website to show masjid projects, announcents, Jummah Schedule many to the public. And also this provides you to maintain mahallah details in online so that it is can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

  • Store Documentation & Awards
  • Projects & Achievements
  • Past & Upcoming
  • You'll get "Online Digital Board Software" and "Prayer Time Software" for FREE.

About Us

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Performance of Masjid processes is a continuous necessity if we are to improve people engagement in salah, realise increased efficiency and ultimately make everyone offer salah at time.

To achieve this, Masjids must implement software solutions and web solutions that are specifically designed and developed to show the exact azan and iqamath time. We offer leading-edge technical knowledge and proven experience, taking a consultative approach to understanding the needs in order to support your masjid in choosing the most suitable development approach.

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    All Updates will be done free of charge. Only 1 time installation required.

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    We provide 100% customer satisfaction. Our support Hotline is available office hours a day: +94114693369. (UTC+05:30) Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm

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    Ease of use as anyone even without computer knowledge can use our softwares. Easy, Fast and Secure.

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What others say about Azan Clock

Masha Allah!! Very Accuracy and eye catching design. Easy to change Iqamath settings.

Al Haj Aslam Othman Masjid Federation President Akbar Masjid

Looks Great at the masjid. Was easy to identify iqamath time there. Alhamdhulillah! Good Job.

Ali Khan Owner